Our bucket list includes the whole must seen places of Cusco, this trip is especially good for those who love outdoor and photography.

  • Trip type: Bucket list
  • Season: Year arround
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Elevation: 2,400m – 5,038m (7,874 ft – 16,550 ft)


Our transportation and transfer are going to welcome you at the Cusco airport, you will get a brief introduction about Cusco on the way to your hotel.

*We recommend to schedule your flight from Lima the day before this itinerary begins, it is best to rest one full day to avoid altitude sickness problems.

We start at 7:00 am your guide is going to pick you up from the lobby to take you to the colorful town of Chincheros known for its alpaca farms and weavers we continue then to visit the circular terraces of Moray used as a lab to experiment with different types of corn and potatoes near here we take you to visit the salt mines of Maras you will get a try of the different varieties, after our visit to this amazing places we are going to stop on a restaurant (not included) your guide will suggest options. As we say here full belly happy heart we then continue to the last archeological place Ollantaytambo use as a temple and fortress during the Inca golden times.

Once your journey to the archeological sides mention is finished, we take you to board the train at Ollantaytambo station this is going to be a wonderful experience for about 2 hours until Aguas Calientes where your Hotel bedroom is waiting for you.

On this day we purchase your visit to Machu Picchu for the very first schedule 6:00 am, in case you want to be one of the first ones exploring the ruins or get there by sunrise time, the bus rides from/to Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu are included they are 30 min each, your Machupicchu guide will take you for about 3:00 hours inside the ruins, of course, we will take you to the best spots, have fun taking pictures before history lessons begin, please take note the government organized the visit as a loop it means there is only one chance to enter to Machupicchu unless you purchase either Huaynapicchu hike or Machupicchu mountain hike, in case you want to have a hiking challenge you should let us know during your booking process, we will ask while booking! (depending on time reservation and space), these fees are 30 USD extra each, on the hikes you will go on your own to enjoy the breathtaking surrounding scenery along the trails.

Once you are done you can get a passport stamp on the outside (up to you), pull out your bus tickets, and go back to Aguas Calientes have time for lunch, explore the town, etc. before you get on the train to come back to Ollantaytambo station, then get on our van to come to your Cusco hotel.

  • Sacsayhuaman (lightning temple)
  • Cusco Cathedral
  • Qoricancha (Sun temple)
  • San Pedro Market (meet the folks)

After we pick you up in the morning at 8:00 am from your hotel we will take you for a half-day journey, the first place we visit is Sacsayhuaman, where you can learn about Inca massive stone constructions and what they represented in the golden Inca days as well as, have the opportunity to visit a viewpoint to Cusco city, we then continue to visit the Cathedral where you will blow your mind after seen lots of ancient paintings, gold, silver and awsome history here is where you see the last supper guinea pig painting.

The last two places we take you is Coricancha Sun temple where you will learn about the Spanish conquest, after all, we take you to visit San Pedro market where you will get what we call GIP experience, we mean talk with locals see what the folks do on this side of the world how we live, etc. Our journey ends up in here we can take you back to the hotel or drop you off near the main square.

*NOTE: We run this trip in the morning because the following days have an early start.

At 3:30 am your GIP guide and driver are going to pick you up from your hotel. The first stop is going to be at Mollepata where we pump energies with a delicious breakfast to continue on the car until the start hiking point.

The hike until the summit will take us around 2.5 hours in a distance of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the very beginning, we get a view of the Humantay glacier ahead, after a few minutes of hiking the view turns into another glacier pick call Apu Salkantay a trail that other people take for 5 days until Machupicchu on the way we will pass across camping sites we won’t see these hikers because they star late we keep going across a gentle trail at the base of the valley for the first half of our hike then the fun begins we mean the uphill part as it always is in our lives we have to go up to get our rewards and there is no better reward than an astonishing view to this blue-greenish lake at the base of Humantay glacier.

Your guide will make sure of your safety carrying an oxygen tank and a first aid kit on his backpack taking always the slow and steady peace once you guys make it to the look-out point you will enjoy your included snacks, take awesome pictures, learn about the area and have a chill time before the hike down.

*If you don’t want to hike up there is horseback available to hire they are not the property of Get In Peru (GIP) the muleteer there ask hikers if they want to, please note they do not speak English and they go ahead of the group, in case you want to hire one you assume all liabilities.

This day we will depart at 3:15 am to beat the crowds for a 3-hour van drive until the starting point where we first have breakfast before hiking. Our goal is 4km (2.5miles) to the RAINBOW MOUNTAIN lookout, your guide will always take the slow and steady peace due to the high altitude, you guys call your top tough hikes 14ners we call ours 16ners, to make there takes around 2 hours once there, after taking pictures and having free time we continue to the RED VALLEY for another 30 min hike you are going to see how the landscape completely changes it literally looks like another planet we are going to enjoy our snacks here having the whole landscape for us we call this relaxing time a GIP experience.

Once we make it back to our van we will take you to a restaurant for lunch before we go back to Cusco and drop off you at your hotel approximately at 3:00 pm.

We will match this service acording to your flight schedule, our transfer will take you to the Cusco airport.


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