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What should I bring and have to come to?

Since the new variant of covid was introduced to Peru it is necessary to quarantine 14 days prior any visit, the government will quarantine you at your hotel.

You don’t really need it most of the time having good amount of hours to sleep and dinking 2 letters of water per day is enough. Even though we recommend to visit your doctor remember after 2,200 meters (7,217 ft) altitude problems start and here you might reach 5,036 meters (16,522 ft).

No, you don’t need to, the only time you must have it with you is on all Machupicchu trips, to get on board to the train or aircrafts.

Yes, you should have some coins, there is Uber in most places of Peru but it is most common to pay in cash as well as there is some places where you have to pay to use the bathrooms the common cost is 1 soles also if you want to buy water, snacks, etc. it is require and better to use the local currency (Soles). Most touristic cities take card although is not so developed in towns.

The Andes mountain range is a place with only two seasons dry and rain from November to April there is the rain season, nowadays with global warming it is changing a bit which makes it unpredictable sometimes, this is why we recommend travelers to have the proper gear and be ready for any fluctuate temperature change throughout the day. As you can see in our season box on every trip, we offer we point when it is the time, we run trips and recommend to come to.