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lake titicaca and uros islads puno tour get in peru

andes 10 days

Cuzco / Titicaca

$ 790.00

best schedule to enter to machu picchu get in peru

Cuzco 6 days

Culture / Adventure

$ 420.00

butget travel to machu picchu get in peru

Cuzco 5 days

Culture / Adventure

$ 390.00

laguna humantay get in peru


Adventure / Full day

$ 40.00

zip line mas largo del mundo en cusco peru get in peru

Multi sport

Luxury / Machu Picchu / Adventure / 3 Days

$ 620.00

rainbown mountain cusco peru get in peru

rainbow mt

Adventure / Full day

$ 40.00

tour en grupo a machu picchu get in peru

Machu Picchu

By train /Full day

$ 280.00

caminata a la puerta del sol inti punku get in peru

sungate 2d

Machu Picchu

$ 395.00

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Our team is ready to help you plan your dream vacations. We work to turn your trip into a magical moment, charged with energy and free of worries, we take care of all logistics.


We selected the best Peru has to offer and bring all these experiences to you, atop we take you to places where no others go.

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We train our guides in photography, we understand, you travel to keep memories that will last forever so whenever you want a picture or video please ask our team they’ll be happy to help you.

Avoid scams

We will only charge a deposit to book any tickets needed for our itineraries purchase and we will send you them.

We give back

One of our goals is to support local communities we work with locals on all of our trips, you’ll find proof of our work in our ABOUT section.

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