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The historical capital of America is waiting for you to be rediscovered.
milti day tours for cuzco
best schedule to enter to machu picchu get in peru

Cuzco 6 days

Culture / Adventure

$ 435.00

montaña de siete colores get in peru

Cuzco 6 days

Sunset train

$ 485.00

que ver en chincheros get in peru

Cuzco 4 days


$ 380.00

caminata al ausangate get in peru

Cuzco 5 days

Culture / Adventure

$ 405.00

cusco ombligo del mundo ciudad de los incas get in peru

Cuzco 7 days

Culture / Adventure

$ 490.00

lake titicaca and uros islads puno tour get in peru

andes 10 days

Cuzco /  Titicaca

$ 750.00

More tours for cuzco
caminata a la puerta del sol inti punku get in peru

Sungate 2d

Machu Picchu

$ 450.00

pisaq hike full day experience get in peru

Pisaq hike 2d

Machu Picchu

$ 450.00

laguna humantay get in peru


Adventure / Full day

$ 40.00

rainbown mountain cusco peru get in peru

rainbow mt

Adventure / Full day

$ 40.00

maras salt mines get in peru

sacred valley


$ 45.00

pikillacta ciudad pre inca 100 veces mas grande que machu picchu get in peru

South valley


$ 20.00

zip line mas largo del mundo en cusco peru get in peru

Multi sport

Luxury / Machu Picchu / Adventure / 3 Days

$ 650.00

tren de lujo a machu picchu get in peru

Luxury train

Machu Picchu / 2 days

$ 430.00

moray laboratorio agricola inca get in peru

Valley / Machu

Culture / 2 days

$ 370.00

how many days do i neet to visit peru get in peru

Machu Picchu

By train / 2 days

$ 320.00

tour en grupo a machu picchu get in peru

Machu Picchu

By train /Full day

$ 280.00

siete lagunas ausangate get in peru

7 lagoons

Adventure / Full day

$ 120.00

palcoyo 3 rainbows get in peru


Adventure / Full day

$ 120.00

cuatrimotos maras moray tour de aventura get in peru

Quat bikes

Adventure / Half day

$ 45.00

butget travel to machu picchu get in peru

City tour

Half day

$ 10.00


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