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7 lagoons Ausangate
Adventure / Full day
$ 120.00

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March to december




16 km / 10 miles

7 lagoons cuzco ausangate

New places to hike are always the best budget we could ever ask for, Get in Peru takes you to explore the unknown where you’ll see thousands of alpacas as well as turquoise lakes, green lakes, blue lakes, even red lakes.

Outdoor hiking is one of the healthiest activities. 7 lagoons Ausangate is not a well known tourist attraction although it has lots of potential aside the different colours of the lakes you can jump into its natural hot springs at the end of the hike.

  • VISIT: 7 lagoons Ausangate – You will hike for 16km up and down or 10 miles in an elevation of 4,200m or 13,779ft up to 4,400m or 14,435ft, this means about 6 and a half hours of hiking including lots of breaks and photos. 
  • STARTS AT: 4:00 AM at your Cuzco hotel.
  • FINISHES AT: 5:00 PM at your hotel.

INCLUDES: Transportation, bilingual English and Spanish speaking guide, breakfast, buffet lunch, Oxygen, first aid kit.

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