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Terms of service agreement

These Terms are effective as of September 11, 2023.


Please read these Terms & Conditions of Service (hereinafter “Terms”) carefully as they constitute a legal agreement of terms and conditions between you, as the user of our products and services, and the company Get In Peru Outdoor Experience LLC (hereinafter “The Tour Operator” or “GET IN PERU”).

These terms apply to all reservations through this website, directly via email or Whatsapp, officially published on our website “Contact” section. After making a deposit and/or bank transfer, you accept and acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms. If you make a reservation on behalf of other participants, you guarantee that you have the authority and power to accept these Terms over the other participants for whom you make the reservation.


GET IN PERU is the owner of all digital content (audio-visual, graphic, photographic, audio, images, illustrations, and other related content) published on this website and all social media platforms with the official name of our trademark GET IN PERU. At the same time, we notify you that after booking with us, you authorize us to take photos, videos or film you throughout the trips that you take with us; the Tour Operator may use such recordings and images at its complete discretion without any prior approval. 

We require users to respect our copyrights and other intellectual property rights and shall enforce the same. We likewise respect the intellectual property of others. If we are going to use the intellectual property of third parties, we will previously require them.


For all those passengers:

  • Of nationality other than Peruvian: the amount debited will appear on your account statement in USD (American dollars).
  • Of Peruvian nationality and have a bank account located in Peru: the amount will be debited in PEN (Peruvian soles).

These amounts will be charged to your card and, if applicable, the currency of your country will be converted to dollars by the banking company of your credit or debit card. Your card banking provider may charge a foreign currency interchange fee, this will all be subject to your banking provider. We are not responsible for such imposed conversions or any other surcharges that your bank imposes, any questions or queries related to such charges should be discussed directly with them.

In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of a third party: the third party’s terms and conditions shall take control and governance. All purchases made through a third party supplier are subject to their respective terms and conditions, GET IN PERU is not responsible and will not have any obligation of any kind for all those goods and services that you obtain through our suppliers or other pages. web, the above includes, plane tickets, government income for attractions, etc.

  1. Travel deposit:
  • That require the purchase of tickets: GET IN PERU, at the time of booking, will only charge an advance for the purchase of train tickets, entry to Machu Picchu, bus and others to arrive at the archaeological complex of Machu Picchu, said amount will be subject to the package you have chosen and It is automatically loaded on our website.
  • That do not require the purchase of tickets: 50% of the total amount is required per person per tour to reserve departure dates (departure time), if you make a reservation within 48 hours before the tour departure (departure time), 100% of the tour cost must be paid.

2. Final payment for trips:

  • That require the purchase of tickets: The remaining payment must have been completed in its entirety at the time you and/or the people traveling with you arrive in Peru and/or the service contracted with GET IN PERÚ begins. If you do not pay the remaining balance of the package, GET IN PERU will not deliver your tickets, and we also reserve the right to cancel your trip without the right to claim or refunds of any kind if full payment has not been paid.
  • That do not require the purchase of tickets: The remaining payment must be completed in its entirety at the time you and/or the people traveling with you arrive and the service contracted with GET IN PERÚ begins. If you do not pay the remaining balance of the package, GET IN PERU reserves the right to cancel your trip without the right to claim or refund of any kind if full payment has not been paid.

In both cases of final payments, without any exception, we do not provide refunds for discomforts such as: indigestion, altitude sickness, family emergency or any other reason presented by the passenger, therefore we recommend taking out travel insurance.


GET IN PERU reserves the right to review and vary any or all ticket prices and prices in its packages at any time, for any reason, always in favor of the client. The Tour Operator does not guarantee, nor is it possible to do so, to control factors such as the weather and there is always the possibility of hiking under rain, wind, snow, hail, fog or mist, conditions that may change at any time and without prior notice.

If the Tour Operator is forced to cancel the tour midway, no refunds apply. The Tour Operator reserves the right to alter, add or cancel any trip, whether due to weather or any other circumstance that warrants and needs it.

A. Warranty:

A departure date (departure time) for a tour offered by GET IN PERU becomes a confirmed departure date as long as GET IN PERU confirms that tickets are available. At the time the client makes the reservation, the same day they are sent a photo of the promised tickets, as long as they comply with the payments according to the items described above.

B. Flexibility:

GET IN PERU will respect the itinerary established in your service package; However, in the event of force majeure reasons, the participant(s) give us the power to make reasonable changes to modify schedules, routes, accommodations, activities and modes of transportation, all of which are subject to variation at any time. moment. GET IN PERU is not responsible in any way, under any circumstances, for such changes given unforeseeable situations or events beyond our control.

B.1. Travel date change:

The participant can modify their reservation by notifying our email: info@getinperu.com or by contacting the sales advisor with whom they made the purchase by sending a message to the official WhatsApp number through which you contracted, the same one that is published in our website (Contact Us section).

  • We give you the facility to modify the travel date for any future date within a calendar year, up to 72 hours before the start of the tour, on itineraries that do not require the purchase of tickets.
  • Charges apply for modification or change of date of Train and Bus tickets that require it, these amounts are equivalent to 20% of their total cost (depending on the availability of spaces in third-party companies, we may make such changes).
  • Regarding the entry ticket to Machu Picchu, you will have to purchase a new ticket with the new date that you request from us (depending on the availability of spaces in the government entity), so you and your companions must assume the cost of said purchase (Conditions of the purchase of the Electronic Ticket: Ministerial Resolution 2016-2018-MC).
  • Regarding hotel room reservations, you may change the date, free of charge, up to fifteen (15) days before the reserved date. Likewise, you will be charged 50% of the reservation cost if you change the date seven (7) days before the reserved date; and if you do it in less time you will lose 100% of the reservation price.

C. Cancellation and return:

The participant can cancel their reservation by notifying our email: info@getinperu.com or by sending a message to our official WhatsApp operations +51 927566770, the application of cancellation charges will be determined in reference to the date on which the cancellation is received by GET IN PERU.

  • By the user on trips that DO require the purchase of tickets:

Tours that require tickets generally cannot be canceled, as is the case with Machu Picchu (Conditions for purchasing the Electronic Ticket: Ministerial Resolution 2016-2018-MC), and the change of date or name of the ticket holder is not permitted. entry ticket. In the case of the CONSETUR Train and bus, the date can only be moved depending on the availability of spaces in third-party companies; When the change is made, a 20% penalty will be paid.

  • By the user on trips that DO NOT require the purchase of tickets:

In the event that you and your companions wish to cancel an itinerary that does not require the purchase of tickets, the following applies: Free of charge, up to sixty (60) days before the start date of activities and a charge of 50 % of the cost of the reservation, if you cancel thirty (30) days before the start of activities.

Regarding hotel room reservations, you may cancel, free of charge, up to sixty (60) days before the reserved date. Additionally, you will be charged 50% of the reservation cost if you cancel thirty (30) days before the booked date.

  • Cancellation by GET IN PERU:

Reserves the right to cancel, alter or add addendums to any trip prior to its departure date; whether due to weather reasons, natural disasters, political instability, strikes, riots, terrorism or any other reason or external circumstance that warrants it and makes it impossible for us to continue with the planned itinerary.

In such cases, the tour operator will refund the amount corresponding to the tour, being the published rate for published tour reservations, for example: (Montaña de Colores 40.00 USD, 40.00 USD is returned), however, if the tour you purchased was within of a package for example: (Cuzco 5 days, the amount to be returned will be less than that published on our website since all package itineraries have a lower price than the published one).

If the passenger presents the following signs: drunkenness, use of toxic substances and/or mental disorders, for security measures, we reserve the right to suspend the contracted service.

We will NOT refund 100% of the amount paid.

  • Deadlines to make the return effective:

For all the cases described above, the corresponding refunds will be made effective in your bank account within five to ten business days of the Tour Operator’s accounting area authorizing it.


In addition to your reservation payment, GET IN PERU will send you the invoice or sales receipt by email. If the itinerary is personalized, you will be sent a confirmation PDF where we will include important information such as the itinerary, including the place and time. Please be sure to read this information carefully so you can properly prepare for your trip.


  • Foreign passengers: They must carry a valid passport, which has been issued within 6 months prior to the departure of their trip, and have obtained visas, certificates and other requirements, if the case warrants it. If you belong to the Andean Community, in some cases you need a passport and in others the DNI or ID card issued by your respective country will suffice, as long as it has not expired; You accept and guarantee that you have possession of said documents for your trip.
  • Peruvian passengers: If you have Peruvian nationality and have a DNI, it must be valid and not expired.

GET IN PERU is not responsible if you are denied entry to the country or en route, due to an incorrect passport or any other required documentation.

Requirements from you as participant: If you or anyone else you are traveling with has any special dietary requirements, please let us know at the time of your reservation; However, if you and/or any other person who comes with you has allergies or a chronic illness, you are responsible for carrying your medication(s) with you.


GET IN PERU wants all the best for its clients, making their trips fun, safe and enjoyable, in that sense, to maintain said harmony. You accept that while using our services, at all times, you will not:

  • Promote or encourage conduct that breaks any laws, rules and regulations;
  • Promote or encourage racism, bigotry, hatred against any individual or group;
  • It will promote or encourage the violation or non-compliance of violating the Peruvian law ESNAA which specifies matters relating to sexual violation against children or against any person.

Likewise, we include in this section your agreement to listen to the instructions of your guide, driver and host; Make sure, if any, that any child under his or her care is aware of what has been described.


He/the passenger(s) confirm and guarantee that they are in suitable physical condition, without medical limitations, which could hinder their performance in participating in the activity(s) offered by GET IN PERU. In case of illness or discomfort, the passenger(s) has the obligation to provide reasonably required medical information at the time of making the advance payment to contract our services, or if they have any pre-existing medical condition that could affect the performance of the tours and trips, or adversely affect the experience of other people on the tour.

The passenger gives authority and consent to receive medical treatment in case of injuries, accidents or illnesses that occur during the activities they will perform; Likewise, you are obliged to indemnify the Tour Operator against any claims, costs or expenses as a result of the treatments received.

The passenger is fully aware that the services and products offered by GET IN PERU are of an adventure nature, which may have a certain significant degree of risk; stating that all potential risks have been considered, risks for which GET IN PERU will be legally exempt and permitted by law from any claim, compensation, or pecuniary compensation. In the event of an accident, loss, injury, damage and/or death as a result of travel, including adventure travel specifically, whether visiting foreign countries, or participating in any type of adventure activities, such as stipulated and offered by GET IN PERU.

Required age: Any person under 18 years of age is considered a minor, therefore according to our policies they must always be accompanied by an adult.

Each adult who comes with a minor or minors, at the time of reservation, is entirely responsible for the safety, care, monitoring and behavior of said minors.

Note: All passengers must consult with a doctor if they need vaccines, medications for life-long treatments or special medication to enter Peru. We recommend purchasing travel insurance since the company does not have one.


GET IN PERU may modify these Terms from time to time, at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice, in our sole discretion. Once they are published on our website and social networks, the changes and modifications become effective immediately, if you booked a tour with us or are using our sites after the terms have been effectively applied, that means that You accept such modifications.

We recommend that you frequently review these Terms to be aware of your rights and obligations.

All departure dates, itineraries and prices are subject to change at any time and for any reason; The price that will be given to you at the time of your reservation is subject to surcharges as stipulated above in these Terms. GET IN PERU recommends that you refer to and familiarize yourself with these terms before your trip, for the sole purpose of being aware of the most recent version.


The contract and these Terms are subject to Peruvian laws, therefore, any claim must be referred to the local jurisdiction of the courts in Cusco – Peru, to resolve any dispute of these Terms or any other in correlation with the tours, products or services offered.

GET IN PERU makes all contracts for all tours, in such circumstances said company will not be responsible for any illnesses, losses, damages, accidents, delays or irregularities, whether caused directly or indirectly by any circumstance. Nor will it be due to: any vehicle defect, weather or any defect of the company or related people, people in charge of transporting passengers in its different modalities, people who manage and take charge of the necessary contracts for these activities.

Force Majeure

GET IN PERU will not be responsible in any way, nor will it have any obligation for causes such as: Death, bodily injuries, illness, damage, lacerations, delay or other loss or damage to person or property, financial costs incurred both direct and indirect. Nor will it be for failure of the Tour Operator to commence, perform or complete any duty owed to You, if such delay, bodily injury, death (including emotional distress or injury), illness, damage or other loss or detriment to a person or property is caused by an act of God, war or military operations, mechanical breakdowns, terrorist activities or threats thereof, civil commotion, labor difficulties, interference by authorities, political unrest, however and wherever they may arise or be causes of: strikes, riots, insurrections and government restrictions, fire, extreme weather or any other cause beyond reasonable control or any event in which the company, even with due care, cannot foresee each and every which, individually and collectively, all of which constitute “Force Majeure”.


The Tour Operator must collect your personal information to make the different reservations for a Tour possible and allow it to make reservations; Such information that will be asked of you is basic and reasonably sufficient to allow the Tour Operator and its suppliers to provide you with a tourist service or product. By providing us with your personal information you accept these Terms and our privacy policy.

These Terms were last modified on the date indicated above and are effective as of September 11, 2023.

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