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Even though the Incas impact the Peruvian culture a lot they weren’t the only empire that exist in Peru, there were several other cultures that disappear due to nature phenomenons or war conflicts, Get in Peru takes you to explore a pre-Inca city 100 times bigger than Machu Picchu Pikillaqta as well as the water engineering canals of Tipon and the Sixtine Chaple of America, your mind will be mind blow for what you’ll learn on this tour.

We will pick you up from your Cuzco hotel early in the morning 8:30AM to beat the crowds then visit the following:

  • VISIT: Tipon (famous for its Incan water engineering canals that still work after 500 years), Pikillaqta (Belong to the Wari empire these guys rule Peru for 1000 years), and Sixtine Chaple of America (You’ll find saint Peter’s live paintings made by Michael Angelo pupils).
  • STARTS AT: 8:30 AM at your Cuzco hotel.
  • FINISHES AT: Cuzco 2:30 PM.

INCLUDES: Transportation, bilingual English and Spanish speaking guide.

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