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Titicaca 2 days
Culture / 2 days
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Culture / 2 days


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3.4 km / 2 miles

Lake titicaca and floating uros islands

Get In Peru takes you to explore the amazing floating islands of Uros and its local people leaving there for hundreds of years as well as Quechua and Aymara indigenous on the terrestrial islands of Amantany and Taquile, you’ll get the chance to meet live culture with all these amazing people.

We will pick you up from your Puno hotel at 7:45 AM to take a boat trip on lake Titi-Caca then visit the following:

  • VISIT: Enjoy and explore a whole different way of human daily living.
  • Uros island and comunity these people live here for about two thousand years and many generations they still keep their traditions and customs.
  • Amantany the terrestrial island where you’ll stay in a local house living and sharing culture with these amazing people, you’ll get the chance to eat local food such as quinoa soup, trout, native potatoes, etc. In the afternoon we have a hike to the top of the island Pacha Tata to see the sunset (3800m – 3950m) about one ahour hiking to the top, finally after a delicious home made dinner at the local house we have schedule a live show where you’ll dance with the locals and other members of the group.
  • STARTS AT: 7:45 AM at your Puno hotel.
  • FINISHES AT: Local house in Amantany 9:30 PM

INCLUDES: Breakfast at the hotel, transfer form your hotel to the boat, boat trip to the islands Uros (floating), Amantany (terrestrial), lunch at the local house in Amantany, dinner at the local house in Amantany, professional tour guide, hike to see the sunset in Amantany, you and your peers will sleep in the house of one of the families who live in Amantany.

NOTE: This tipe of tourism is more adventurouse and oriented to rural comunitary tourism meaning that you will sahere the actual live stile with the locals.

We start early in the morning at 7:00 AM at the local house in Amantani, after a delicious breakfast the tour guide will take the group to the boat with all your belongings you’ll departure to othe island Taquile.

  • VISIT: Taquile island where you’ll meet the Aimara community and see their own different traditions with music, colorful dances and delicious lunch with a view to lake Titi-Caca before you go back to Puno city.
  • STARTS AT: 7:00AM at the local house after a delicious breakfast.
  • FINISHES AT: 3:30 PM in Puno port station.

INCLUDES: Breakfast at the local house, boat trip to Taquile, lunch in Taquile, boat trip to return to Puno.

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