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10 best streets of Cusco to snap a picture

The streets of Cusco have some of the most welcoming destinations to visit, the following list of 10 streets in Cusco where you can take a photo for your Instagram was selected by ourselves considering the most outstanding points that our clients have always liked.

In this post, you will learn what stands out about each of these places, the best camera angles, as well as a little of its history and we will leave you a link that will take you to Google Maps so that you can locate yourself super easily. once you are in the city.

1. Calle 7 Borreguitos:

Let’s start with the most attractive street for Instagram, 7 borreguitos (7 little lamps) just a 7-minute walk from the main square of Cusco; This street stands out for how colorful it is, its pots of multicolored geraniums plus the subtle wall paintings with allusions to nature and its steps give it the perfect contrast for a good shot.

This street of Cusco is known as 7 Borreguitos because in ancient times women would take their clothes to the nearby river to wash and take advantage of grazing their sheep. They would stay chatting for hours and hours until they finished their daily chores, shortly little by little the people of Cusco began to call it little sheep and then, since 7 was a biblical number, they finally coined the name for 7 little sheep (7 borreguitos).

Calle 7 borreguitos get in peru

Location of the place: Click HERE and it will take you to Google Maps.

2. Sapantiana Aqueduct:

Just a few meters from 7 Borreguitos Street is the colonial Sapantiana aqueduct, which was important during the Inca and Viceroyalty times for supplying the city with water.

acueducto de sapantiana get in peru

Location of the place: Click HERE and it will take you to Google Maps.

3. San Cristobal view point:

A perfect spot to enjoy with your partner or friends is the San Cristobal viewpoint, which has a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Cusco.

The best time to visit this place is between 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. when you can contemplate beautiful sunsets, whether it is cloudy or sunny, the view is truly worth it.

ciudad del cusco

Location of the place: Click HERE and it will take you to Google Maps.

4. Calle 7 culebras:

One of the little-known streets in Cusco is 7 Culebras (7 snakes), a small passage that divides a 5-star hotel and the church of San Antonio Abad in Plaza Nazarenas.

In there, you will find Inca walls of very fine masonry and some particular carvings of snakes, 7 in total, from which the name comes. During the Inca times, this place was a house of academic studies, the Incas associated the snake with the spiritual world and knowledge, the reason why they carved these small snakes in high relief.

Location of the place: Click HERE and it will take you to Google Maps.

5. Plaza de Armas:

The main square of Cusco city is the largest of all the cities in Peru, it stands out for the construction of the cathedral, the church of the Company of Jesus, its water fountain in the central part with an Inca at the top as well as its beautiful and well-maintained grass with queuña trees all over around.

Here you will find amazing restaurants that truly highlight Peruvian food.

ciudad del cusco

6. Cristo Blanco view point:

7. 12 angles stone:

8. Calle Resbalosa:

9. San Francisco Convent:

10. Nuestra señora de la Merced Convent:

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